Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Opening hours consultation

Cambridgeshire County Council is currently running a consultation on the opening hours for Arbury Court Library and other branches in the county.

The proposal is to reduce the opening hours to 27 hours a week (from 32.5 hours a week). This reduction is around 17%, substantially more than overall reduction of 7% being proposed for the entire service. Despite claims that 'more popular Saturday opening hours' are to be retained, the proposal would also see the library close at 1pm on a Saturday instead of the current time of 3pm.

The consultation can be completed online and must be filled out by Saturday, June 18. We  urge everyone to use the questionnaire to make their views known before the deadline.

Further information – including a printable PDF of the questionnaire, and a letter from the Head of Libraries to local Councillor and Friends member Andy Pellew – can be found on Cllr Pellew’s blog. More information is also available on the county council’s website.

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