Monday, 9 May 2011

Public meetings in May

More public meetings are scheduled this month at libraries that are currently 'under review' as part of Cambridgeshire County Council's Library Service Review.

Among the dates is a meeting to discuss the future of Milton Road Library, the closest branch to Arbury Court - while meetings are also due to be held at Bar Hill, Cottenham, Comberton, Warboys and Yaxley.

The branches are currently under review, with the council exploring whether they could become multi-agency 'community hubs' or volunteer-run Library Access Points. The threat of closure if savings cannot be found still remains for these branches. Friends of Arbury Library is offering full support for these libraries, and encourages anyone concerned about cuts to attend these meetings and make their views known. The dates are as follows:
  • Cottenham Library - meeting at Cottenham Village College on Tue 10 May, 7-9pm
  • Warboys Library - meeting at the Parish Centre, Warboys on Wed 11 May, 7.30-9.30pm
  • Bar Hill Library - meeting at Bar Hill Church on Thu 12 May, 7-9pm
  • Milton Road Library - meeting at St Lawrence Church, Milton Rd, Cambridge on Mon 16 May, 7-9pm
  • Comberton Library - meeting at Comberton Village Hall on Wed 25 May, 7-9pm
  • Yaxley Library - meeting at Queen's Park Pavilion, Yaxley on Thu 26 May, 7-9pm
Meanwhile, there are currently more than 2,000 signatures to the petition to Save Cambridgeshire Libraries, but we need more - please sign if you haven't already, and pass the link on to others.

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