Thursday, 17 February 2011

Library users show they have plenty of heart

We had a fantastic response to the 'Love your library' intiative, with plenty of children and adults marking Valentine’s Day by writing messages of support for Arbury Court Library on paper hearts.

You can see a selection of the messages people left on our Facebook page:

One user wrote: “I love books and reading and this library is so handy, with friendly staff and a good range of books.” Another said: “This library is special.”

Library staff described the response as ‘hugely positive’. One staff member told FOAL: “Every second person who comes through the door asks us about the future of the library and shows concern.”

The ‘Love your library’ initiative was the brainchild of Barbara Bueltmann, secretary of FOAL. She said: “I thought Valentine's day was a good opportunity to give the community a chance to express how much they appreciate Arbury Court Library, so I made some hearts and left them at the counter.
“You can see from the messages how much the library is valued as a communal space offering well managed access to information of all sorts. Someone calls it a 'life saver'. There is much concern about the future of the professionally-run library service – not just the Arbury Court branch.

“I am angry about the cuts that were agreed to in this week’s county council meeting. I think the cuts are hitting the wrong people worst – people at the lower end of society. I wish to live in a society that allows all to have access to information and education, and do not agree with the current Government strategy to cut public services in the way they plan to.  That is why I became active with FOAL, and we will keep making noise about this.”

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